entirely frustrated

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i can’t get over the fact that kerry conceded so soon. that one act has casued me to loose what little bit of faith and hope i had in this whole election. so now we’re stuck with another four years of fucknut. and the whole country’s going to hell.

here’s how i imagine the continued reighn of W will affect me:
i will have continued problems finding a good job.
i will have to settle for a crap job that offers benefits so that i can afford to tend to my
mental health.
i will remain below the poverty level.
i will continue to be tense and generally depressed about the war that will, no doubt, continue for
years to come.
i will have to find a way to establish some sort of financial future for myself because i will
likely loose my social security benefits, regardless of the fact that i have worked since i
was 16.
i will have to continue to hear the bitching from my friends, co-workers, etc about the fuckupedness
of this nation.
i will live in shame and fear of what will happen to me, my family and my country.

i’m moving to nova scotia. who’s coming with me?


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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