I’ve been working through the day, doing good things I think. I saw the tat artist, who has a great design ready, though it’s not quite what I’m looking for. So he’s redoing it and we’ll meet again at 5. I’m taking Nicole with me for some hand holding. I’m a tough little nut–sometimes. But days like this, when there’s plenty of pain already, it’s nice to have a friend around when needles are involved.

Tonight, there will be meteor showers. (Sorry, Ant, I was wrong about the Leoinids–they are this week; I was thinking of the Persides.) So I’m getting my stuff together now, pictures to make copies of, a sweater, a heavier coat.

A year and three hours ago, my entire life changed. I’m doing my best to recognize that in every way I can today. There’s no test of what’s right or wrong, so I’m just doing things. Letting it all happen.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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