giving up/giving in


So yesterday I was officially hired at B&N. I signed the W-2, gave ’em copies of my liscense and SS card, read through their policies and came to the sad realization that I’ve taken a step backwards. Back to retail. Back to the bookstore world. Back to a job where I’m told I’m being paid for my education and experience, but where I’m doing monkey work.

But I’m grateful. There’s benefits. Health insurance and all that stuff. I’m grateful. There’s set hours and enough flexibility to work one day a week at the writing center. I’m grateful. It’s a job and a step forward and a way to draw in steady income.

The really cool thing about it, I suppose, is the fact that this particular position is quite necessary and pretty highly regarded. (Yes, I’ll be a pretty highly regarded cog.) So even if things get really bad, even if teh economy completly rots and there’s massive cutbacks and layoffs, I’ll still have a job (I hope). Then again, maybe people will stop buying books and the chain will go under.

I’ve got to stop listening to folks who tell me to think positive.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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