way down yonder in the land of cotton…

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Well, I’m not there yet–won’t be til Thursday night, but I’m already trying to switch gears. Got to get into Southern mode, you see. I talked to my nephew (who, along with everyone else, thought I was arriving 2 days later than I’m scheduled to) and he asked if I wouldn’t mind going to watch the trains go by with him. Cute! It’s all about simple pleasures down there. (Mostly because there isn’t much else to do.) And, rahter than thinking of such things as hickish, I’m trying to look towards them as endearing, perhaps even relaxing. (I suppose I should mention, too, that my nephew has had a fondness for trains all his life so the notion of watching them go by goes a little beyond a means to deal with boredom.)

So Thursday night I’ll be in SC, then up to NC with my brother on the 20-somethingth, then back down to SC on the 24th, up to NC on the 25th, and back to the real world on the 28th. It really will be nice to get away for a while; I could use a break from all this–stuff. Work’s still a drag and I don’t see it getting any better. It just isn’t the job for me. So once I’m back I’m throwing myself head first into an all out better-get-a-good-one-soon-or-something-bad-will-happen job search. And I’m going to have to find some volunteer work, too. I need to work my tutoring muscles. And I’ll need to start a wholehearted apartment search, too. I just hope I’ll be able to remember that doing all that will be worth the energy Lately it seems sleep is the only thing worth any energy.

And speaking of sleep, I feel a short nap coming on.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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