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I’m not really up for writing a whole lot tonight; I’ll probably journal later. But I did want to share one thing. On a stretch of I-95 headed north back to NC (yet again), I saw a sign that read:

Triangle Waffles
(and then, in slightly smaller print)
Jesus is Lord

What the hell does that mean? Does Jesus make really good funny shaped waffles? I’m thinking a good project might be to take a driving tour of the south and take photos of such billboards (there are plenty of them; consider, for example, Cafe Risque–a 24 hour adult cafe that features toys, DVDs and toplessness–the place claims to be closed on Sundays). Would a coffee table book of photos of such sinage sell? In my roles as Bookstore Employee I’ve found that there are few books that don’t sell.

I’m also considering a photo collection of Southern Churches. The Free Will Baptist Church would get their own page for sure.

Two more days here. That’s all.

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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