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I’ve been packing/organizing my stuff this morning. There’s quite a bit of stuff there. My folks gave me a bunch of cash to buy work/interview clothes, which I did. So I’m leaving here with some new slacks, sweaters and shirts. Then there’s the stuff my dad gave me–two of my grandfather’s hats (something I told my dad I wanted when Grandpa passed away this September), then there’s some photos of my great grandparents Jasper and MaryAnn (after whom I get my middle name), a collection of poems by Robert Service (my grandfather used to read me one about Dangerous Dan McGrew when I was quite young), a bag of benne wafers that I’ll give to Charlie and Cyndi, a little hand massager my brother gave me for Christmas, a stuffed snowman from my nephews, jewlery from my sister, a report card from third grade (I did pretty darned good back then) and a few other odds and ends that I can’t recall right now.

I’m most happy about the stuff that belonged to my grandfather. I’m pretty big on artifacts and, had I been here in September, I’m sure I would have gotten more. But these things will do. I’m fortunate to have these physical reminders. We were quite close when I was younger and this Christmas has been an especially hard one; I miss him and Scott terribly.

Author: Kim Sharp

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