thursdays and orange socks

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I never thought I’d find the one thing I truly enjoy doing with my life. At one point or another, I wanted to be (in no particular order): a geologist, a journalist, an architect, a public affairs specialist, a Navy journalist, a freelance writer, a teacher, a grocery store manager, a candle maker, a baker, a chef, an interior designer, a cabinet maker. If I thought really hard about it, I could come up with a few other things, too.

And I’ve done a lot of stuff, too. I’ve been a cashier, a fry cook (frier of fries, that is), a deli clerk, a butcher. I’ve done produce work, stocked shelves, taken inventory, written for a military newsletter, driven a tug boat. I’ve done military police work, a whole lot of administrative assistance type work, some surveying work. I’ve been a teacher, a tutor and a professional student. I’ve been a media liason, an online writing consultant and an unemployed dud.

But each time I go back to work at the Writing Center, I realize what I really want to be. And I’m pretty dagum happy knowing that. Not too many folks learn what they want to do with their lives in time. I’ve just got to push myself to get where I want. Thing is, I’m heavy and all this pushing makes me tired.

But on Thursdays I feel a little bit lighter. Every other day of the week I have to find joy in multi-colored socks. The orange ones are my favorite.

I think I’ll wear them tomorrow.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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