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I am oh-so-very-glad to see the end of yet another work week arrive. I spent a measley 4.5 hours in th office today, but it felt like a lifetime. Because people at my place of employment are stupid, I had nothing better to do than shred.

And shred I did. I must’ve shredded three reams worth of paper. One sheet at a time. (Okay, sometimes two or three and for a couple of minutes I did push the shredder to its limits by shredding four or five sheets at once.) And I listened to NPR, which is always quite delightful, especially on a Saturday morning.

But now I’ve come to the end of a quite stressful week and I’m begining to process much of what has gone on lately. There are a couple big job opportunities out there, but I’ve been thrown into another period of limbo and won’t know anything for at least a month. My PNWCA conference proposal is Out There, and I won’t know whether its been accepted or not until the end of this month. Cross fingers, light candles, do whatever it is you do to make good things happen. There’s quite a bit riding on the events of the next few weeks.

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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