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I’ve been a little more than preoccupied with a number of things lately. One of them has been a project I’ve been working on for some time, a continuation of something I started in grad school. And while I’ve thought of blogging about it, I’ve found it’s better to explain to folks who are interested because well, the topic is seventeenth century coterie poets–something I get quite excited about and tend to be a little more than long-winded about.

But within the past few days, Lisa Ede, a former professor of mine and Director of the Writing and Learning Center at Oregon State have been exchanging e-mails about how my interests–applying the coterie process to modern academia (specifically writing center group work and/or the fiction workshop)–tie in with hers–blogging.

There’s quite a connection, actually, between the coteries and the bloggers and Lisa had been kind enough to mention me and my paper on her blog (take a look at it if you’d like; it’s at thewritingway.blogspot.com–Lisa does a really nice job of explaining a bit about the coteries, Donne and the writing process). And if you really want to know more about the connection, just ask. Just be prepared to see me turn into the geekiest Kim you’ve ever seen.

I’ve offered myself as a research assistant in a project Lisa is working on and am really looking forward to jumping into some heavy duty resarch this week to satisfy some personal curiosities about coteries, continue what I started back in May and prepare for the writing center staff meeting I’ll be facilitating next week (as a practice run for the presentation I hope to be able to give at the PNWCA conference in April).

Needless to say, I’m quite excited about all of this. Giddy might be a better word for it. Whoda thunk I’d be giddy about seventeenth century poets?

Truth be told, I do think I’m more excited about being involved in scholarship once again. It’s another way of jumpstarting my brain. And I must say, the jolt feels pretty danged good.


Author: Kim Sharp

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