an intentional jinx

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I do believe in the jinx–I think I’ve said that before here. Just when things are starting to go well, just when I feel comfortable talking with folks about that goodness, something bad happens. This is usually the way of things in the life of Kim.

So here’s what I figure. I want this job so badly that, maybe if I try to jinx myself it won’t work (it’s the things I try for that generally don’t work). So I’m thinking now, while I’m taking a break from this cover letter I’ve put more than 12 hours into, would be a good time to jump right in front of the jinx truck.

Telling you that this thing means more than quite a bit to me should do it. The job–coordinator at a writing center is exactly what I’ve been aiming myself towards for some time now. I’ve already cried over getting turned down for other, similar jobs. And there will be tears a plenty if I don’t get this one. The cover letter goes in tonight. I should hear back from them within a week or so as to the interview process. They need to fill the position before Spring Quarter starts.

So there. I’ve just set myself up for failure. Having told you all this will prevent me from getting the job.

Or will it????

What the hell am I blabbering on about? This makes no sense. And besides, I have a cover letter to polish. Were it possible, I’d get each of you to kiss it for me–you know, for luck.

Instead I just ask that you cross your fingers or do whatever it is you do that causes good things to happen. I could use a good thing.


Author: Kim Sharp

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