don’t come around here no more


There’s really only a few downfalls to being a cat (or so it seems, anyway). You know all the basics; I don’t need to tell you. But there are the pitfalls, too, I suppose. Like the possiblity of overextending your tongue while licking your–er–whatever. Or are cats specially designed to avoid such self-harm? I know they’re designed to avoid subjection to the burdens of the human conversation.

[Rough segue, I know. Sue me.]

One of those conversations I would have loved to not hear today was actually part of a conference call at B&N. The head-honcho was commenting on ways to drive sales. Among the possibilities was the opportunity to sell books on Catholicism. His suggestion was phrased something like this (note: I’ve tried to keep this as close to verbatim as possible; nothing here is exaggerated):

“So as you all know, The Pope died this weekend. That’s a great win for us. You know they’re going to try to find a new papal or whatever so we need to get all the books we can on that stuff and really push sales in the religious–especially Catholic–categories. Any books about the Pope should be frontlisted (put in the front or on big displays).”

It went on like that for a while. But I won’t make you pull your hair out as I did.

I’m just so very thankful that I never have to go back to that place, that I never have to be subjected to such bullshit. Rejoice! Rejoice in Kim’s liberation from Corporate Bookstore Schlockdom!


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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