cooking woes

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Nothing ruins a perfectly good day like rotten tofu. All day today I thought of making mu-shu tofu tonight, mostly because the mu-shu chicken I made earlier this week is gone and I haven’t gotten over my hoisin jones yet. But also because I’ve had a stash of atsu age tofu in the freezer for about a month now and since I’m getting ready to blow this popcicle stand, I figured I’d better eat it up; no one else will.

So home I got, and vegetables I did chop and in went the tofu, garlic and ginger. And out came an unfamilar yet not at all repulsive smell. A little bitter, maybe. In went veggies and soy sauce. The smell became an odor. Just for kicks, I tasted the tofu. No good, I tell ya. No good at all. I guess the stuff doesn’t freeze that well. Who knew?

So I had to dump the whole wok load down the disposal. Such a pitty to see such good (yet rank smelling) food go to waste, but there ain’t much that could cover up that taste. Not even ketchup. (And besides, ketchup on tofu? Blech.)

Then came the realization that there was really nothing else to be eaten, save for a piece of chicken marsala, which should have been thrown out days ago. So I decided on a scrambled egg and a toast accompaniement. But alas, there was no bread. So I was reduced to scrambled eggs, which I doctored by making into an omlette. No good. Too much pepper.

I can’t be culinarily happy today. Just can’t.

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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