not so hot

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Two years ago I lived in Corvallis, OR and that summer it got so hot I thought I might become rabid just from heat exposure. I fought the temptation to bite people. I remained constantly enraged. I spent way too much money on Starbucks Frappachinos™. I hung out in the K-Mart during the day just to keep cool. Air conditioning was my friend and my friend was generally unavailable. Sometimes it hid in strange places.

But now, as the temperature in Seattle moves towards 90, I find myself feeling pretty okay. I don’t want to bite anyone (at least, not at the moment). I work in an air conditioned office where I can comfortably wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt. My car seems to be running pretty well and my apartment, oh my wonderful new apartment. If I could write an ode, I would. Last night when I got home the temp was in the mid 80’s, plenty hot enough to make me pissy. But as soon as I walked inside to my ultra cool lower-level flat, took off my shoes and walked barefoot across the tile floor, I had that feeling—you know the one—that feeling that everything is going to be okay, that I will survive this summer, that there will be no biting.


Author: Kim Sharp

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