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What does it mean to waste a weekend? Is such a thing possible? Sure, I suppose if one were to work all weekend, then it would be wasted. But what if you just slept through the weekend or spent the majority of it staring into space or just not doing any of the things you’d planned to do? What if you spent too much of your weekend in the presence of people you’d rather spend some time away from? How about if you just did too many responsible things and not enough fun things?

I think I’ve forgotten what it means to have a good weekend. I’m not just talking about a good part of a weekend or a good Saturday; I’m talking Friday night through Sunday night, non-stop goodness. What is that?

Used to be I had such weekends. Dinner after work. Going out, doing stuff. Sleeping in on Saturday, getting up to do more stuff. Going out again on Saturday night. Doing more stuff on Sunday.

But all that stuff takes money and energy, two things I don’t have much of these days. Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe weekends are for the young and financially secure.

Maybe I should just get off my lazy butt and do something with what remains of this day.

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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