ain’t got no fancy to tickle

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I’m drowning in my own sleepiness. Had big epic dreams last night—something about having three therapists who each dealt with a different part of my brain. I woke up exhausted.

And now…there’s a little more than an hour left in the work day and the smell of newborn still on my hands. The highlight of the day here: one of our tutors brought her two week old in for her first visit. She’s a beautiful baby, quiet, soft, cuddly. There was much cooing and ga-gaing—something so exquisitely tender about holding a baby. Made me more excited about getting a dog, that’s for sure. I’ll spare you the details of all the other thoughts that went through my brain.

There’s not been a whole lot going on on the writing front for me lately. And it seems even this post is a failure. Ah, well. Back to ‘work.’

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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