a thing i did, another meme


LJ Interests meme results

  1. cat power:
    Charlie loaned me a copy of cat’s cd–I forget which one. It put me to sleep (in a good way) on many a night when I lived in his mom’s basement. I can’t find that cd now, but this meme thing has reminded me to look for it–maybe tonight.
  2. dr. seuss:
    loved his books as a kid and understand them as an adult. if i could draw, it would be in the style of dr. seuss books. if i could write poetry, it would be in the style of dr. seuss books. if i could live in a make-believe world, the cat in the hat would be my neighbor.
  3. fiction:
    i prefer reading fiction to non any day. and i think i’d rather write fiction, too (though i haven’t been able to do it for over a year). it’d be nice to make a living off of writing fiction.
  4. journaling:
    the only kind of writing i’m any good at these days. i’ve been experimenting quite a bit in my journaling–writing in first, second and third person. past, future and present tenses. it’s interesting to compare the content of my entries based on pov and verb tense.
  5. mechanical pencils:
    my writing instrument of choice. thin lead, metal casing, and a strong eraser, please.
  6. opus:
    this is about the only comic i read any more. really, though, i don’t get a chance to read the comics too much because i don’t get the newspaper. basically i just admire a penguin who walks around in his drawers all day.
  7. punctuation:
    the semi-colon is my favorite punctuation mark as of late. i’m also a big fan of the em-dash. i tend to overuse punctuation when i write. there’s always lots of commas, marking lots of appositives, as my friend john paul once pointed out to me.
  8. seattle:
    i live here. i love it. this is my city. mine.
  9. southern fiction:
    favorite writers are ron rash, flannery o’connor, eudora welty. i look to these three for inspiration with voice and flavor. and when i do write fiction, it’s generally regional fiction–all based in the south, all exploring quirky southerners.
  10. the simpsons:
    speaking of the simpsons, i need to finish this thing. show starts at 6. gotta get home and see it. (yes, i often schedule my life around tv.)

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Author: Kim Sharp

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