what about my needs?


I overheard someone telling someone else to google their name along with the word ‘needs.’ And boy that sounded like a whole lotta fun, so I figured I’d do it myself. Here are the top eleven (I just couldn’t stop at ten) things Kim needs (according to google, that is). What’s fascinating is that they’re all true–well except for the guinea pigs. I don’t really need any guinea pigs.

Kim needs to talk.
Kim needs some hints!
Kim needs some guinea pigs.
Kim is just confused. She needs some help.
Kim needs to do little more than continue to keep [her] adversaries off balance.
Kim needs to change if [s]he wants to keep the job.
Kim needs to look spiffy for the camera crew that has been shadowing her almost
everywhere she goes these days.
Kim needs plenty of quiet time alone with God.
Kim needs independent strategic leverage against China and Russia.
Kim needs is a little more love, money and sunshine.

And my favorite?

Kim needs to give it up her shyt is tired!

Yes, my shyt is tired. Really, really tired.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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