on the eve of many things

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So it’s that day and I’m doing what most folks do–a hell of a lot of reflecting, considering where I am, how I got here, where I’m going.  Mostly dwelling on how I got here.  There’s not a lot of forward thinking goinig on here.

I tried to get out today, made an attempt to go to the Frye to see the William Cummings exhibit, but got stuck in traffic and got there just after they closed (an hour earlier than I expected they would).  Went down to Volunteer Park and roamed around a little, watched other people doing the same.  Strolling.  Thinking.  I wonder what kind of stuff they were considering, what it was that brought them to the park today, what sorts of end-of-year things they were looking at.

It’s been a weird year, one that started with a pretty big success, then settled into a dark pit that I apparently still haven’t craweled out of.  So that’s how the new year will begin.  In a pit.

I already know 2006 will be the year of dental work (I will use my insurance; I will get these wisdom teeth removed).  And it’ll be the year of the dog.  Once all this finacial rubble is cleared away, I will get a dog.  So maybe that’s my resolutions.  Clean teeth and a dog. 

Mostly, though I’m thinking of the lotus–out of the darkness and into the light.  I’m looking forward to the light, a bright, lasting light.  If I could control it, I’d make that a resolution.  Instead, I’ll just hope for it.



Author: Kim Sharp

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