today i’m going for the poetry


I haven’t been feeling especially well lately. No, it’s not the flu or the crud or a cold. It’s the funk, this heavy sort of feeling that makes me want to stay close to home (if not fully embedded in home, fully embraced by home). It’s the stuff I can’t really explain to people. It’s the stuff I don’t really like talking about.

It’s the stuff that makes me not want to go to work or do the things I would normally do without giving it a second thought, the stuff I might normally get pretty excited about. Now, though, I can’t feel that excitement. I want to. I just can’t. I dodge social stuff (sorry), I don’t return phone calls or emails(sorry), I tuck myself in.

I guess the closest analogy would be wanting to swim, but the pond is frozen. You can’t swim in a frozen pond. And though you may think of trying to defrost the pond, you know it’s not in your power, a feat you can’t take on.

Alright, bad analogy. But there’s not too many things I can compare this funk to.

Anyway, I am going to work today, just as I did yesterday and all of last week and the week before…

Unlike the flu or a cold, you just can’t call in sick when you’re feeling down.

So. There’s a Persian poetry reading at one today. That’s the reason I’m going to work. That’s the thing that got me out of bed today.

And tomorrow? Meetings. I’ll get out of bed for meetings I must attend.

Let’s not think about Thursday yet. It seems very far away.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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