the good ol’ days

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Maybe I’m not remembering it all quite right. Maybe it was different. But I swear it used to be that the Olympics were on every channel, all day. I remember being inundated with ice skating. And now–nada. The whole shebang will be over with soon and I haven’t seen a single luge event. Heck, I even stayed home (sick) yesterday, only to find that the Olympics apparently don’t disrupt daytime TV anymore.

I long for those temporary disruptions of life. The days on end without The Flintstones. Then, as though by miracle, normalcy reappears and all’s right with the world. I miss the thunderstorms that would knock out power for days. Ice storms that kept us out of school for a week or more. Those temporary disruptions were reminders that the world as we knew it could, potentially, end. But it never did. And that’s what was cool.


Author: Kim Sharp

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