like a parade, but without the clowns

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I should start by saying (as I have said before) that I love snow. Love it. No, I couldn’t stand living in a midwest state or anywhere else it snows on a regular basis. But I suppose that’s why I love snow so much–the rarity of it all and the control it has over darned near everyone.

Yersterday my neighborhood woke to a couple inches of snow. The roads were icy, Seattle traffic was gridlocked and I was–literally–stuck in my neighborhood. I left for work a half hour late and it still took 70 minutes to get from here to there. Along the way I saw plenty of stranded buses, an eighteen wheeler that could go no faster than 3 miles an hour (for unknown reasons–and yes, I was behind it), people walking up and down the street with wheelbarrows full of sand and a mentally challenged man who decided to direct traffic. It’s rare to see any of these things. Snow just brings it out in us, I suppose.


And now there is a terrible noise above me and outside my window. The sound of misbehaved children. I’d like to scream at them, but apparently it’s up to the parents to correct their child’s behavior. Whatever happened to ‘it takes a village’? I’d be pretty good at showing those punk kids a thing or two.


And a final note, just to cheer myself up. I did some fiddling with my budget and figured I should be able to get a dog come April. (knock on wood) I thought of going to the pound this afternoon, but thought better of it–don’t want to go through the looking process when I’m not ready to commit.

Ah, and now it’s 4:30 on a Saturday. Krystal will be here in a few hours for an evening of girldom. That leaves just enough time for me to watch a movie…

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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