Palindrome Pete


It’s been a week of animals. First Bob. And a mallard whose missing his mate has been hanging out just outside the windows of the Writing Center. The tutors have named him Rusty (I’ve no idea why–I was hoping they’d name him something like Participle or Possessive Noun or Gerund). He comes back every day and we all gather around the window and stare at him staring at us.

Then, yesterday, a pigeon landed on the ledge outside my office window. He sat there, staring at me, for about 45 minutes. Occassionally he’d tap the window, apparently trying to get small bugs that were also hanging out on the window. His belly was featherless, raw like chicken skin. And his neck was disproportionally long. Like most pigeons, he was freakish looking. After a good long stare (and successfully distracting me to the point that I could no longer work), he made an attempt to fly into my window, smacked hard into the glass. I screamed. The tutors ran in to see what the hell was going on. The pigeon flew away.

Then there’s Petey a dog I’m hoping to adopt. He’s a pit bull, so the adoption process is quite intensive. I’ve completed the application (complete with five essay questions) and was interviewed by the president of Bullseye rescue last night. I’m really hoping I get this dog. He’s had a rough go at life and needs a good home. I’m ready to give him one. We’re going to set up a ‘meet and greet’ (wherein I get to know him and his foster mom) soon. There’ll be a home inspection (to help me dog proof my place) and likely another interview.

I could go on about why I’m hoping for a pit bull, but I’m tired of defending myself, tired of defending these poor dogs. If you’re curious about the breed, go here or here.  


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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