the countdown starts

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T minus 22 hours until Petey gets here. He’ll be joined by his foster mom and Maggie, the co-founder of Bullseye Rescue. I imagine them arriving in a limo with police motorcyle escort. Or maybe it’ll be a little more old fashioned. The stage coach will pull up, horses will snort and shake their heads and Palindrome Pete will climb down from his high seat, kick at the dirt and say “Why hello there Little Missy.”

I’m going overboard with my fantasies. But then, I’m going overboard with quite a lot at this point. I’m sure folks are getting sick of hearing me talk about a dog I don’t even have yet. I can’t help it. This just might be the closest I ever come to having a child–I mean, you never know.

This time tomorrow things will be much, much different. I’ll still be watching Six Feet Under, yes, but I’ll be doing it with a dog beside me. And won’t that be the greatest?

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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