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Unfortunately there’s nothing clever to post tonight, only a series of random observations, mindless ramblings and rants.

Petey’s laying close right now, one of his paws on my lap, his big head pressed up against my thigh. A compromise. I think we’re making progress in the laptop vs. dog vie for my lap.

I had cereal for dinner. Multi-grain Cheerios. And the thing is, it didn’t feel the least bit pathetic. I once wrote a haiku that went a little something like this:

It’s a sad sad thing
when, on a Sunday, you think
oh good! cereal!

But it’s not like that. This was more about being quick, effecient. Get home, let dog pee, let dog poop, pick up dog poop, feed dog, watch dog burp, feed self, walk dog, check email, piddle around on internet, read and/or write. Since all of this has become my evening routine, and some things (i.e. the dog walk) are taking more and more time, I’ve had to forego the whole cooking thing. I need to buy salad stuff, or cook on Sunday and eat leftovers. Or I could just eat like a kid–cereal for dinner.

Welcome to my boring ass world. I’m blogging about eating cereal for dinner.

In other (more exciting) news, I’ve gotten back in the writing game. Two writing groups–one aimed at keeping the writing part of my brain in generating mode, the other devoted to sitting down and writing. And I’m almost done polishing “Curtains” and will be ready to send it out soon. I’m narrowing down the places I’ll send it (yes, I submit to more than one place at once–sue me), hoping it gets in a larger mag than the last piece. I need to keep up the momentum: polish a story, send it out, polish a story, send it out. Three more June stories to go. Then I’ll either go back to work on Unplanted or start a new story. No need to plan that out right now; I’ll let the exercises between here and there dictate what I do a few months from now. I’m estimating I’ll have all the June stories done by August.

Have I mentioned the fact that my birthday is this Friday? I get to sit through a department retreat for six hours (okay, so it’s actually less than that; I’ll be giving a workshop for an hour or so; and the retreat is actually just a really long meeting in the library). I’ve finally said goodbye to taking the day off for my birthday.

Thirty-three. Geez. I’m still coming to grips with the fact that my teenage years are gone.


Author: Kim Sharp

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