ten years later–no more white pants

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I’m not sure what it is about this birthday in particular, but I’ve been doing some pretty heavy reflecting the past few days. When I told a friend of mine that I’m getting old, she reminded me to think back on who I was ten years ago. So, without further adieu (what the hell does that mean, anyway? further goodbye? it makes no sense), here’s my There I Once Was list. 

Kim at 23:

Was freshly married to a guy named Dan
Drank heavily (favorite drink–gin, OJ and Ruby Red Squirt)
Had just been discharged from the Navy
Had long hair 
Had a dog named Boomer
Had just moved to Pensacola, FL
Was living in a motel
Had never tried sushi, never read (or heard of) Eudora Welty and hadn’t written a story
Wanted to be a journalist
Wanted to have kids–eventually
Enjoyed driving go-karts
Was made to watch wrestling every Monday night
Would soon begin work at an engineering firm for $5.00/hr
Didn’t drink coffee
Watched Pauly Shore movies
Wrote long letters by hand and often received hand-written letters
Had only a vague idea what the Internet was
Wore white pants

I have to admit, I like myself much better now that I’m not married, rarely drink, have short hair, have a dog named Petey, live in Seattle (in a house), have tried sushi, read and adore Eudora Welty, write short stoies, am no longer interested in journalism, don’t even see snippets of wrestling–ever, earn much more than $5.00/hour, drink lots of coffee, watch art films, frequently send and receive email, understand the Internet. 

And I never, ever wear white pants. I fully understand what a terrible mistake that was.

As for kids and go-karts.  Maybe one day.  Maybe. 


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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