don’t look at me that way (bitch)


So I yelled at a woman in the park tonight.  Before I go on, you should know that a) I rarely yell (unless I’m in my car) and 2) I never yell in public (unless I’m in my car).  I’m what you might call the passive sort.  Heck, I rarely show anger.  (Let’s not get into the why’s behind all that.) 

You know what, I’m too pissed to even get into it right now.  But I will say this:

I fucking hate it when people don’t keep their dogs on leashes.  And I hate it even more when those people sit in the grass and chew their gum and talk on their cell phones while their dog makes its way towards mine (who, by the way, doesn’t even take a dump unless he’s on his leash and who, by the way, is owned–and adored–by someone who doesn’t have a cell phone).   And I hate it even more when those people tell me that their dog ‘knows excellent voice commands’ when I tell said people that their dog should be on a leash.  And I hate it even more when those people roll their eyes at me when I tell them that it doesn’t matter that their dog knows any voice commands because 1) we’re in a park where leash laws are enforced and b) my dog doesn’t know that your dog knows excellent voice commands.  What he does know is that he doesn’t like it when dogs aren’t attached to their people.  And he knows his mother doesn’t like it, either.  And so he freaks.  And when he freaks he makes an ass out of himself.  And his mom gets embarrassed, and then angry.  And so she yells at people in the park.  ANd then she comes home  and blogs about it and she’s typing so rapidly that she isn’t paying attention to spelling or punctuation or anything else for that matter.  All she wants to do right now is cuddle with her dog.

And so she will.

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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