because I could not stop for shrimp

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There’s nothing like a hot stove to soothe the soul.    Unless, of course, you count the tasty dinner that came from the stove.  

I was hoping to make shrimp and grits tonight, but was too frustrated with traffic to stop off for the shrimp.  So I whipped up a little something from my own imagination.  

Here’s a little recipe ya’ll should try:

Southern StirFry (or Chicken n’ Grits)

cheese (any kind; today I used white American)
chicken broth

Saute garlic in a little butter, add broth, salt, pepper and grits.  Cook ’til grits are good and done.

red bell pepper
grape tomatoes
cayenne or tabasco

Saute chicken in oil or butter.  Add bell pepper, then tomatoes and salt and pepper.  Cook til tomatoes are mushy and bell pepper is soft.    Heat with cayenne or tabasco (as much as you can stand).

Serve chicken mixture over grits.  

Friggin’ yum.  Grits: it’s what’s for dinner!


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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