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This has been the best Saturday I’ve had in a long time.  It went the way Saturdays should go.   Up early, coffee, writing, a long walk (with Petey, of course), some errands, a little work (which is okay–I really enjoy talking with tutors about their progress), then a visit to the market (fresh veggies and  some basil for my garden), over to Cyndi’s for some heavy duty gardening and time in the sun and grass with Petey (the neighborhood kids all came over to play with him and the obnoxiously pink squeek toy I bought him), then some light housework, a little bit of a movie and, at 5, a nap.  We snoozed to almost eight.  And when I got up, there was a turkey sandwich and a huge glass of OJ for dinner.  

It’s been a day of low expectations and good Saturday productivity.  I crave days like this.

Earlier I read my friend John Paul’s blog and learned he’s in CO, that much closer to the Northwest where he belongs.  I’m hoping to see him this summer (hint, hint, John Paul–give me a call, damnit!).  I haven’t talked to him in almost a year and I miss him. 

And now there’s a Spike Lee movie on TV, a cool breeze blowing into the livingroom and a big white dog with a bright pink squeeky pig on my couch.  And there’s the rest of Specimen Days  to be read.  And there’s still Sunday. 

Author: Kim Sharp

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