dude, where’s my drive?

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Something’s not quite right in Kimville.  I have all this writing to do–among other stuff–and just don’t feel too engaged lately.  Maybe it’s all this sun and heat (my god, the heat!), maybe it’s that lazy summer feeling others have that I’ve been internalizing.  Maybe I’m just plain lazy.  Who knows? 

I figure committing myself to a set of summer goals might not be a bad idea.  And maybe doing it publicly will help (go ahead, pour on the guilt if you must).  So here it is: Stuff Kim Needs to Do

–revise “Two Lambs”
–finish revising coterie article
–read Ron Rash; try to remember (& find & read) other book I need to read as reference/motivation
–clean out car
–clean house, ready for Dad’s visit
–take better care of garden
–recruit more tutors (anybody want a job?)
–post more stuff here

Now that’s not too much, is it?  There’s no reason I can’t get this stuff done.  All I need is a good swift kick in the butt.  

Hmm…this is helping.  I think I can get some of this stuff today, if only the beginnings of some tasks.  

Okay, here I go.  Really.  I’m going now.   I’m not kidding.  I’m going…


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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