things i feed my dog, part ii

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The following post is not for the weak of stomach.

You know how sometimes you have a conversation in the morning and then somehting happens later in the day that would have fed in to that conversation perfectly?  No?  Here’s what I’m getting at:

This morning I was talking with my pal X *(yes, he’s a co-worker, but this conversation, like many of the conversations I have with X, was a pal-like conversation and he’s a pretty pal-like guy.  But enough about X).  Anyway, we got to talking about freeze dried lamb lung (a follow up to an earlier post here)–you know, whether they’re squishy, how they taste, how they may be harvested and packaged (they’re by-products, and sliced thin).  X claimed that, though he has tasted a tidbit of kitty treat, he’s pretty sure he’d never partake of a freeze dried lamb lung.  I thought that was pretty smart of him.  As for me, I’ve never tasted a pet treat.  No sir, not me. 

So this evening, I was doing some laundry (you can see where this is going already, can’t you?).  I reached into the washer to pull out the clothes and guess what fell on the floor?  

About five pieces of perfectly hydrated lambs lung.  

Yep.  Most disgusting thing I’ve ever touched in my life.  Dog poo has nothing on lambs lung right out of the washing machine.   But the thing is, it wouldn’t have been gross at all had I not had that conversation with X today.  Had we not chatted about the texture, the size of the holes, all that stuff.  Had we not made noises with our tongues when we talked about harvesting them or how freeze dried lamb lungs feel a little like dried sponges.  Had I not walked away from that conversation wondering about the whole process of extracting the lungs from those poor little lambs and how they end up in a plastic bag in my neighborhood pet store, I never would have had had such a reaction when I picked those little suckers off the floor.  

The thing that immediately came to mind?  Itty bitty lambs who couldn’t breathe.

Petey’s going to have to stick with hotdogs from now on.  There’s nothing gross about hotdogs, right

*Names have been changed to protect the–er–whatever.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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