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backdate 7/25 5:30 pm

The conference is going quite well.  I just had a great conversation with one of the leaders about The Cosby Show.  Anybody who can make a random Cosby reference is okay by me.  And if they can draw that reference into a half hour conversation, well, I’d like them to be my best friend.  (Remember that episode where the old guy and Bill kept challenging each other to better and better tap-dancing moves?  That was the reference.)


But smart things are going on here, too.  I’m feeling much more intelligent and articulate than I did a couple days ago.  My head’s swimming with all kinds of ideas—for our Writing Center, for some professional development stuff and for writing.  I think one of the coolest things going on here is the writing groups we’ve established.  I’ve been reading and responding to folks’ work and they’ve all agreed to read ‘It’ll Do You Some Good’ (one of the four stories I’m trying to polish this summer).  I really think the story is near completion, but the feedback I’m about to get from six writing center professionals will really help.  They’re not fiction writers, so that’ll help too.  The piece has been work-shopped a couple times, so now it’s time to see if it stands up to a broader, less critical audience.  I’m psyched.


Other ideas I’ve had:

o       Talked to someone this morning (the Cosby Show chick, actually) about Eudora Welty and realized I have an idea for an article about Welty’s theories about writing and how those theories can be drawn into the Writing Center.

o       Watched two people in my writing group actually perform the coterie manuscript process. They’ve both agreed to let me use them in the article I’ve been working on lately. 

o       All kinds of ideas for tutor training.  Our staff is in for some amazing meetings next year. (And I’m getting ready to go out to dinner with a bunch of folks who want to talk more about the topic.)


My head is spinning. 


I love this, being fired up, ready to take on the world, or at least my life.  I haven’t felt this jazzed about stuff in a long, long time.  Probably since I started grad school. 


And another thing: I got an email from Petey’s babysitter.  He’s doing great, having a good vacation with his pit-bull cousin and a puppy.  I’m jealous. 


Author: Kim Sharp

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