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Every time I think about the onset of fall, I get excited.  Yes, yes, there are still two weeks left in August, but then comes September, and the SPL book sale (mark your calendar, Nicole), then a trip to Ikea to get new bookshelves and then it’ll be getting dark earlier in the evening and cooler and it’ll be time to start cooking again and there’ll be curries and new recipes to mess with (cooking time is coming, Ant), and then it’ll be time to invest in a blanket for Petey and then the rain will start and I’ll have to keep a towel by the door to wipe off damp paws and then it’ll be time for the leaves to start changing and there’ll be hikes and leaf kicking and a pot of coffee that lasts into Sunday afternoon, there’ll be a trip to Target for new socks and the sweaters will come out and the flannel sheets will go back on the bed and writing time–serious writing time–will resume and I’ll have stories to send out and there’ll be Saturday morning walks in the rain and time spent in coffeeshops with a warm dog at my feet and I’ll start using Netflix again and catch up on all kinds of movies, and there’ll be lots of stuff going on at work–new tutors, new students–oh, and there’ll be candles in the evenings.  Vanilla scented candles. 


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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