in the morning, when you’re waiting for your mojo to awaken

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Here is a dog, bone in mouth  Here is a quilt, a gift given as a wedding present ten years ago.  And here is a cup of coffee, sweetened with powered sugar because this morning there’s no sugar, no splenda.  

Here sits Kim with a new day, ready for it all.  

She’s a little sleepy eyed because Petey woke her early this morning, apparently forgetting that this is not a work day.  She’s a little sniffly because grass season apparently hasn’t ended.  She’s a little hungry, but will fix that later.  She’s a little worried that her dog is going to mistake her wireless card for his bone and chew right through it. * 

Here sits Kim, anxious to go blackberry picking.  Here sits Kim, who cooked and canned applesauce yesterday afternoon.

Here sits Kim on a cool Sunday morning, waiting patiently for her coffee to take affect, for her brain to fully awaken.  

(*Note: after typing that line, said dog shifted on the couch, placing rear towards laptop, mouth and bone far from wireless card.  He’s smart like that.)  


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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