where I am going, where I have been: vacation day four

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I’ve got a pit bull propped up on my knee and the printer’s humming away, printing out “Two Lambs.”  I’m having a little celebration over here, having finished one story and already moving on to the next.  I’m really amazed at my own productivity.  I came into this week scared it’s be wasted, that I’d know more about Ellen and Rosie, and whoever else is on daytime TV, than I should.   I’ll admit, I did watch a bit of Ellen today, but it was crap and I turned off the tube.  

Tomorrow’s going to start early.  Petey’s got a vet appointment (his first since he’s lived with me) and, if all goes well there, and if I get my oil changed, I think we’ll head out to the coast in the afternoon.  Etta seems to be doing okay.  She doesn’t stink like coolant any more, which means whatever had leaked is burned off, or she’s run dry.  I’ll check her out this evening after she’s had a chance to cool off completely.  

If I can get “Two Lambs” finished by Friday, I’ll have the weekend to get back into Unplanted.  That kind of frightens me.  A novel is a huge undertaking and this one is emotionally taxing, for many reasons.  It’s been nearly three years since I even looked at it.  I submitted the first three chapters as part of my thesis and didn’t even bother to do light editing beforehand.  So we’ll see what it needs, where it’s going to go.  I don’t feel like I have a handle on it at all.  I have the voice down, but I suppose I could say that (along with parallel parking) narrative voice is my special talent.  But plot?  Characterization?  Toughies.   So the plan is to read it all first, then start freewriting, getting back in touch with Mattie and Joe and back in touch with the me that wants to tell their story.

Oh, and speaking of story: go watch Little Miss Sunshine, if you haven’t already.  It’s a fabulous movie, the best I’ve seen in ages.


Author: Kim Sharp

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