waking up

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I’m feeling particularly ready this morning.  Ready for what–I don’t really know.  I got up a little early and had plenty of time to go through my routine.  Rather, I should say our routine, since Petey is the keeper of order around here.  I could easily get up, drink coffee, watch the news, take a shower, check my email in any order and still manage to get at least most of it done.   But with Petey, well, I can’t get away with that.  So this morning we did the regular stuff, including a training session in the rain (which completely ruined any possibility of a good hair day) and, in lieu of a quick bowl of Grape Nuts, French toast (made with the way-too-dense molasses oatmeal bread I made on Sunday).  

And now there’s a little time left over for screwing around, sipping my coffee a little slower (problem is it’s getting cold) and postponing the commute just a little longer.  

Oh, one little PSA before I go: in my mailbox right now sits a Netfix film–The Puffy Couch.  I managed to sit through 53 minutes of it last night before I gave up.  It sucks.  Don’t watch it.  Trust me.

Author: Kim Sharp

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