multitasking and many other things all at once

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Maybe it’s because it’s barely noon and I’ve already had three cups of drip and a double latte and only a small bowl of grapenuts to accompany all that caffeine. Or maybe it’s because it’s Sunday and my head always swims on Sunday. Or maybe it’s just because.

At any rate, I’ve been doing some serious multitasking for the past half hour or so. I’ve been having a (albeit brief and fragmented) conversation via an IM thingy I downloaded this week, and I’m catching up on friends’ blogs–reading blogs of friends I haven’t spoken to in a year or two and wondering why others haven’t posted to their blogs and why some of my friends don’t have blogs and why a couple people I know have never even heard of blogs. And I just took Petey out for his morning dump and he did his thing in three different areas in the yard and then he was ready to come back inside and I was standing there, kind of bent over, really, one hand holding on to the leash, the other holding a plastic grocery bag, trying to collect the, you know, stuff when the word ‘multitasking’ came to mind.   

And then I’m also trying to find a recipe for apple dumplings because something this morning made me think of The Apple Dumpling Gang and I started to wonder what apple dumplings really are (turns out they’re nothing like chicken and dumplings).  And I’m thinking of all the things I need to do at work this week and how I’d rather not work and how nice it’d be to live like Neil Simon (who I saw on TV this morning) and just write for a living and live off royalities except that I’m not writing anything these days and I don’t know if I ever will write any more.  And then I read my friend John Paul’s blog just now and it looks like he’s really writing and he’s teaching, too, and I’m incredibly jealous and the only thing I can really say to him is ‘my dog is bigger than your dog–neener, neener, neener.’  And I’m also thinking about a lot of stuff I’d rather not mention here (none of which has to do with John Paul, by the way).

And I’m thinking I’d like to take a nap. 

And I’m thinking maybe I should take advantage of the fact that the sun is shining.

I’m thinking I should plant some pansies.

I’m thinking I should take Petey for a walk.

I’m thinking I should clean my kitchen.

I’m thinking I should end this post before it gets out of hand.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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