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Long time no blog.  Several months have passed and still I have nothing worth saying here.  Heh–as though anything I’ve said here was worth saying.   Regardless, X has been bugging me about blogging and I finally listened to him.

So here you go…highlights from this week:

I talked Renny Christopher into visiting UWB for the diversity event I got suckered into putting on.  

Petey seems to be adjusting to his new food, finally.  Fewer farts, firmer poop.

I bought new socks last weekend and am still working through them.  Today mine are pink and brown striped.

I had grits for lunch today.

My hair is getting to that I-need-a-haircut- length.  But I’ll probably put it off for another few weeks.

There’s this woman at work who talks way too much and tells me all kinds of stuff I don’t care about.   Like today, she told me that when she was in elementary school she wasn’t any good at tether ball because she couldn’t reach the ball.  Nicole and I figured Robyn would have to be less than two feet tall in order to not reach the ball.  

And that’s about it.  That’s my boring-ass life.  That’s why I don’t blog anymore. 


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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