everyone under 11 should be innocent

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Today’s the forth day of shut-in.  A bad case of the crud has knocked me for a loop and resulted in isolation, nap after nap after nap and several interesting conversations with Pete.

The most recent thing we talked about is child criminals.  I strongly believe that children are a product of their upbringing (that whole ‘it takes a village…’ thing, you know).  So if a little kid hops on a plane when he shouldn’t, there should be no formal charges–not to him, anyway.  Criminal investigation should involve his parents and his community.  But is it right to convict the parents of a child who committed a crime?  Lock them away?  Separate them from their kid?  Leave him to sustain further psychological and psychosocial scars? 

Doesn’t make sense.

The solution?  I’ve no idea.  I haven’t thought about it long enough.

What I have thought about is how much phlegm I have and how it’s time to go hock a major loogie.

Is that a crime?


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

One thought on “everyone under 11 should be innocent

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