the ol’ switcharoo


This is X. 

And this his brand spankin’ new baby girl.  They call her Baby Pink (the cutest baby name ever).

X blogs.  (Sometimes.)

X had some trouble with his blog.  (But now it’s back up and running fine.)

X blogs about his blog.  (A lot.)

But has X blogged about Baby Pink?  Nope.  Not since she was born, anyway.

So until X starts telling us something about his new gal, I’m going to take the liberty of blogging about her (though I’ve never met her and don’t know anything about her).  So what you read here may or may not be true. 

Once X gets off his butt and starts blogging about his bouncing baby girl, I’ll link to his blog so you can read the truths–straight from the daddy’s mouth.

Until then, prepare for lies, and possibly truths.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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