hello? is this thing on?


I am (once again) contemplating the purposes of this blog.  What am I writing?  Who am I writing for?  What is my rhetorical strategy?  Certainly I have an occasion (waiting for the coffee to brew on a nippy Saturday morning).  But do I have an audience?  And what, dear reader, is my purpose? 

Why should I care?

Do you care?

Does anyone read this any more?  I’ll write more if you do.  Maybe.

Or not.

Tell me–are you out there?  What purpose does this crap serve in your life?

John Paul, have you given up on me?  Have you packed away your cares?  Sealed up  your curiosities about the happenings in kimville?
Erik, are you too busy changing diapers?
Strangers who once found me interesting, where are you now?
Linda?  Reading this?

Anyone else? 


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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