in the spring and summer, good things are even better

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Let me start by telling you  how much I hate the heat.

Hate it. 

Twenty years in South Carolina, a year in Florida and two years in Puerto Rico made me hate it even more.  And now that I’m out here in the Glorious Northwest, I find heat even more oppressive than ever.    I’m not saying today was hot.  It wasn’t.  All I’m saying here is that I don’t like this time of year because of the weather–I like it because it brings with it some really good things.

Like right now.  I have the door wide open (screen door shut) and there’s a nice little breeze coming in and it’s been dark for only about twenty minutes and I can hear the night sounds–the crazy old basset hounds down the street, the wind, the occasional passerby.  It just feels good. 

And then there’s Carkeek Park.  I love Carkeek.  I’ve been going there at least three nights a week lately and stomping around in the woods.  It’s beautiful.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  And there’s this bluff that provides a gorgeous view to the Sound and the Olympics.  Sure, I have to stand there until the couples who are making out leave before I can truly enjoy it, but man–it’s just wonderful  (Note: I do not intentionally scare away people exhibiting public displays of expression.  I’m not at all against kissing in public.  It’s just that, well, they shouldn’t block a good view.)

The blackberries are green and golden nubs and the apple trees are blossoming.  Everything is green and just, well, lovely.  And those of you who know me know I don’t use the word lovely.  But on an evening like this–in the spring, in the evening, in the quiet, quiet woods–things are lovely.

And then there’s the dinner I had tonight.  If you’ve not been to the Swingside Cafe, go there.  Get the raviolis.  The vegetables are amazingly fresh, the pasta is perfection and the sauce is light and tasty.  And then there’s this rosemary flatbread/cracker type thing that’s out of this world. 

Days like this are great for napping, too.  I had the best nap ever this afternoon.  Weird dreams, but great nap.  Napping in the winter is more of a coping mechanism.  It makes dreary days a little easier to deal with.

All I’m saying here is that these things wouldn’t be as good in the cold and rain. 

I’m very appreciative right now.  Very appreciative.

I live in a good place.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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