pretty much nothing, except a few somethings

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I have a bunch of nothing to say,  lists of observations and senseless ramblings.  And I’m told I’m pretty good at it.  So let’s get started…

1–Last week I saw, on two different days, two albinos at the very same intersection.   There’s some meaning in this, though I have no idea what it is.  Is it un-pc to call someone an albino these days?  Should I have refered to them as pigment deficient?  I mean no disrespect.  This is a mere observation. A coincidence, that’s all.

2–Yesterday, driving down I-5, I happened to find myself behind a car that was fully engulfed in flames on its underbelly.  I pulled back as far as I could.  The car continued on its path, its fire getting larger and larger.  Pieces of the car (I’ve no idea what they were) started flying off, and, mustering my very best driving skills, I managed to steer clear of a couple embers.  Finally, the car pulled over, black smoke pouring out from under and behind it.    And I wanted to stop.  I wanted to help.  But, knowing that there was nothing I could do (I had no cell phone, no fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit filled with your basic, run of the mill, bandaids.  So I kept going.  And I felt terrible–guilty for leaving behind people who were obviously in need.  And I felt paranoid–that maybe my car was on fire, too.  It’ll be a while before I can shake either of those feelings, I’m sure.

3–In the span of three days, I’ve come across eight off-leash dogs in the same (on-leash) park.  I asked one woman to leash her dog, and she refused.  Unfortunately, my death-ray vision is on the fritz.  I crafted a journal entry in which I said all kinds of things about what a responsible dog owner I am.  And then I thought about the poo-incident and I thought better of writing another post that has anything to do with poo, especially of the dog variety.  I also realized that Petey likely sprained his tail last month because I ran into it.  He tends to stop short on me when we hike and I sometimes run into his tail.  At least, I think that might be how it happened. 

4–On Friday I drove past an apartment building that was on fire.  There were no fire trucks in sight.  I wanted to stop.  I didn’t.  I felt terrible for not stopping, even though there was nothing I could do.

5–I talked to my sister today.  She caught my 16 year-old nephew running naked through the house.  His girlfriend was in his bedroom.  I feel like calling him, or maybe sending him a box of Trojans.

6–I went to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum yesterday.  There were no pieces of artwork by Frida Kahlo.  I did see a really cool found art piece.  A gumball machine filled with mood-altering pharmaceuticals.   That was cool.

7–On Friday I checked the pagination and print quality of six hundred and fifty journals.  One person helped me.  It took us three hours. 

Yep.  That’s pretty much all that’s going on lately.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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