stars seen and unseen


I caught the meteor showers a few times during their peak this month.  The Perseids are very, very special to me, and it’s always important that I see them each summer (important isn’t the right word, but nothing else comes close right now).  There’s a story behind that, but I’ll save it for another time.  I was out at a bonfire party on Friday night and saw a few tiny ones, and I went to Golden Gardens Monday and Tuesday nights–just laid there in the grass with Petey–and saw some fantastic shooters.  Some of the biggest I’ve ever seen.  I wish I’d gone out into the country for a better view.  The park gets pretty dark on the north end, but there’s still lots of light pollution. 
Seeing the showers reminded me that I haven’t seen a clear, clear sky full of stars in some time. I need to head east one night this summer, just to stare at the sky.   
Sometimes I forget what I’m not seeing. 
Take last Thursday, for example.  My car broke down the night before and I had to take the bus to work while my car was getting repaired.  I was waiting for a transfer in Lake City and I couldn’t help but watch–really, really watch–this old homeless woman.  I used to see her quite often when I lived in that part of town.  Geez, that was about seven years ago.  Anyway, she has tons of stuff.  Two shopping carts that are loaded down, several bags of various shapes and sizes, and a few suitcases.  She moves her things around the neighborhood every day.  She’ll push a cart about half a block, go back and get some more stuff, move it close to the cart and so on.  She just inches her way along with no apparent destination.  She just keeps moving.  Always, always moving. 
When I got to work that day, I shared my observations with Michael.

He told me that everyone calls her Star.

My eyes are open a little wider now.

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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