about that time i wrote a couple letters and got my way

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You know, I’m not much of an activist–not at all.  I don’t get into politics; I’ve voted in three elections–only two were national (and in one I voted for Perot).  I’ve never held a picket sign, never signed a petition, never tried to get anyone to come around to my political point of view.  I just don’t see the point in any of it.  I could spend my energy on much less, er, frustrating things.  

But since I got Petey, I’ve found myself becoming more and more active in promoting the pit bull breed, and urging others to give up the notion that pits are ‘mean’ dogs.  I really enjoy educating others about pits when I’m out on hikes with Pete.  I’ve had some great conversations, and have enlightened a several people.  A few have even become so enthused that they’ve told me they’re considering getting a pit.  

It’s quite satisifying.

And lately I’ve been writing some letters.  I wrote to Nike and told them to discontinue endorsing Michael Vick.  I wrote to the NFL and told them to end Vick’s contract.   I’ve encouraged others to write letters, too.

And today my side won.

If you don’t know who Michael Vick is, look him up.  He’s a scumbag, and he deserves to go to jail for a long, long time. 

Author: Kim Sharp

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