score! (but not really)

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Well, now I know I’m getting old.   It’s happened.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but pop culture is being extra careful to cater to my generation.  (I am, if you don’t know, 34.)  All the stuff from the days of my kid-dom are coming back.  Transformers, for example.  (Though I was one of those poor kids whose parents got her Pumas at the Pic-n-pay and bought her cheap knockoffs of everything.  I played with Gobots.  Gobots, for crisssake.)  Strawberry Shortcake has even come back into the scene.  I have a strange sort of relationship with that strangely scented little girl.  I hated her, and was really pissed when my mom got me my first training bra–covered with cutsie little pictures of Strawberry Shortcake.  

I think I puked right then and there.  And if I didn’t puke, I at least made all kinds of retching sounds.

Anyway.  I was at the Fremont Sunday Market yesterday and felt like a little kid again.  Matchbox cars everywhere (again, too poor to get Hotwheels).  And then, there it was, right there in front of me


A slightly worn, but never opened box.  I grabbed it, tossed the gal my three bucks and got out of there quick as I could, thinking I’d just gotten away with something really, really big.  She was such a sucker.  Three bucks for a brand new box of Cooties.  I kept my prize under my arm and strolled proudly through Fremont.  The kids didn’t notice a thing.  The adults did, though.  I couldn’t walk two yards without someone squealing: Aww!  Cooties!  Where’d you get that?  (That, by the way, is what caused me to realize, once again, that I’m a little older than I’d like to be.)

It was like walking around with a piece of the eighties, a cardboard box with  a little eight year old Kim inside.
So then tonight I did some googling, wondering just how much my prize is really worth.  I mean, these are Cooties I’m talkin’ about.  They must be worth a mint!  Cooties!

Well, not quite. You can get a set on boardgames.com for 8.95 plus shipping.  You can’t even find them on ebay, and that says a lot.  

So I won’t be on Antiques Roadshow anytime soon.  So what.  I’ve got Cooties, and you don’t.

But I’ll let you play with mine sometime if you want. 


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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