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It’s been a great summer weather-wise, and I’m sad to see that it’s fading.  My evening hikes with Pete are starting to feel a bit rushed.  The sun sets fast these days, and it doesn’t take long for the woods to get dark.  Luckily my trusty dog almost glows in the dark, a little pit bull beacon leeading the way.

On the weekends, though (when it’s not raining, and when my car is running), we head for the hills.  Last weekend I took a hike with Nicole, Cyndi and Nina (a friend of Cyndi’s I’d never met).   And now, I’m sitting here on a Saturday morning, moping because my car isn’t working and I can’t leave town for a hike.   Lucky for me Nicole captured 35 seconds of last weekend’s adventure so I can relive the fun again and again.


I can’t tell you how happy I am that she didn’t film while I was puking. 


Author: Kim Sharp

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