what happens when your throat hurts and you have a fever

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My throat hurts in a scratchy sort of I-need-OJ kind of way.

Save for about three hours, I wore pajamas all day today.

I don’t have any OJ or ice cream or vitamin C or anything else that one needs to survive the first days of a cold.

I have to get up early to take my car to the mechanic.

Petey is asleep.  His head is on my lap and he is snoring.

I watched seven episodes of Seinfeld today. (Thank you, Nicole, for lending me your DVDs.) 

Things I was hoping to do today: grocery shop, buy pants, vaccum car, tromp around Carkeek, wash several loads of laundry, clean my nasty, nasty kitchen, and cook some green beans (with tofu in spicy garlic blackbean sauce).

Amount of things on that list that I did do: zero.  That’s right: a big fat goose egg.

Please, pity me.  

Or at the very least bring me some juice.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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