mostly i’m doing this because i told someone i would

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I don’t know why I stopped blogging there for a while–I’ve had so many bloggable moments over the past several months (how long has it been, anyway?).  And now that I’m actually writing something, now that I’ve carved out the time to give you a little view of the landscape that is my life, I’m not sure what to put down first.  

I could write about the time I shelled out $1300 on repairs to Etta the Beretta, only to see her worldly demise a few weeks later.  I could write about the accident, how Petey flew from the back seat and slammed into the windshield but somehow managed to be okay in the end.  Or I could write about the asshole who ran a stop sign and caused the accident in the first place, and how I was so pissed I picked up the piece of his bumper that fell from his SUV and threw it in the bushes.  Or maybe I could tell you that Etta was deemed a ‘total loss’ and that she has since gone to live on a farm with a nice family, just like the nine goldfish, one gerbil, five handsful of hamsters, two parakeets, a snapping turtle, a blue bird and who knows what other once-living creatures did when I was a kid.  (Did I ever tell you about the time my gerbil committed suicide?  Remind me to write about that one if I haven’t already.)

I could tell you how I miss my beloved old car, or I could tell you about Etta II, the cool little PT Cruiser I got a month after the accident.  I could tell you that she’s been renamed the ‘Petey Cruiser,’ for obvious reasons.  

I could also tell you about my injuries: the month long migrane, the back and neck pain and blah, blah, blah.  But I’d rather tell you about my first chiropractic experience, or the massage guy who’s also an actor/fourth grade Hebrew teacher/who knows what else.  But then again, there’s not much to tell about any of that, I suppose.

So maybe I’ll tell you about how great my job became after my new boss came to town.  Lately, though, all I want to do is tell you about how sucky things have been since he submitted his resignation in November, a mere five months after he started.  And I could add to that all the political broo-ha-ha that’s ensued in the past month, how I’ve had to seek support from my superior’s superior in an effort to create a healthier relationship between me and my superior.  I could tell you about the loss of sleep, the stress and the strange and overly-awkward moments I’ve experienced in the past week or two.  

But I’ll spare you all that.  It all feels like bad news, nothing I really want to linger on right now.

Instead I’ll offer you a few brief facts from The Life of Kim:

Think you’ve received some strange gifts in your life time?  Think again!  I got 12 pounds of buffalo meat for Christmas.  I’m still not sure how to tell my folks that I don’t eat red meat.

The Relationship continues to go well.  It doesn’t feel like blog-worthy stuff, though, so I’ll just tell you that things are wonderful and have been wonderful since late summer.  Love is a very cool thing.

As part of The Relationship, I have been going to soccer games every Saturday (sometimes very, very early  in the morning).  Can I tell you what a blast it is to watch a bunch of 11 year old girls running around on a field?  I absolutely love it.  

It was snowing this evening, and now it is clear, and as I write this, I have a perfect view of a beautiful waxing moon.  

I hate to tell ya this, but I can’t think of anything else to write tonight.  I’m gonna go stare at that moon a while longer. 

Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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