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I’m thinking tonight about illness.  I’m thinking about my own sore throat and achy-ness and cranky-ness, and I’m thinking of Robin’s two week flu/strep thoat/whooping cough/walking pneumonia/whatever it is/was.  And I’m thinking about how these things come and go and how when they come they feel like the worst and how when they go and we’re back to normal, normal feels so, so good.  

And I’m thinking about how, sometimes, we crave normal.  Crave it.  That certain sort of stability when we’re in it, when we’re right smack in the middle of being stable–well, I don’t even know what to say about it.  

I guess what I’m writing here is an extended cliche.  Maybe when you’re sick you need a little OJ and a few cliches.  


Author: Kim Sharp

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