a small amount of large accomplishments


I’m not one to pride myself on my adult-like behavior.  I’m not too fond of adulthood, to tell you the truth.  Yes, I had a sometimes lousy childhood, but that doesn’t mean that I should like my adult years any better.  I’m especially anti-responsibility.  And by responsibility I mean:

-working at a job just so that I can have money to pay my bills
-going to the bank to deposit money to pay my bills
-paying my bills
-doing errands on the weekend
-looking forward to the weekend because that’s the time I can truly enjoy myself and get my errands done
-vacuuming, damning the man, etc. 

But every now and then I look at some of the things I’ve done and I get a little excited.  Take the past couple weeks, for example:

I set up a checking and a savings account at a credit union.  I’ve been giving my money to a corporate bank for ten years now and it’s finally time I say enough’s enough.  It felt pretty good to make the switch.  This is how I know I am an adult–when opening a bank account feels good.

I sent a story out last week, and I just finished fine tuning another.  It’s ready to be printed and mailed.  

I have made a list of things to do and have crossed most of those things off the list.  This alone creates a feeling of accomplishment.

I rearranged my furniture.  My desk is now in my living room, and even though I rarely use it, I like that it’s in a place where I’ll at least look at it every day.  Once we shift into standard time, I will move my tv into what used to be my office.  

This, too, is how I know I am an adult.  Adults have offices.  I have one in my house and one at work.  I am a two-timing adult.


Author: Kim Sharp

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